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New York 2002
Day 1

It was a huge suprise made by Neil. I was told to go to my mums after work and to wait for a taxi. I didnt have a clue what was going on. The taxi took me to the airport where Neil was there to meet me. I thought maybe we were going to Scotland and I was a bit concerned as I didnt have my passport. Anyway as it turned out he had pinched my passport and as a birthday surprise was taking me to New York.

Our lovely friend Lisa lived in New York and Dickie on the left lived with Neil in London. He shares the same birthday as me!
Proper New York breakfast.
Birthday kids.

Empire State building... it was bitterly cold.
If it weren't so cold you could spend all day up there... it look almost surreal.
Wrapped up all warm.
New York Taxi's
This is one of my all time favourite photos of me. We have it blown up on the wall.

Endless amazing buildings.

And another one of my most favourite photos.
We visited only 6 months after September 11th. It was still extremely raw and the wanted signs were all over the station.

People getting their shoes shined!
Off out for the evening but think I was exhausted and a little jet lagged.
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