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New York- January 2002
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2nd day we went skating in Central Park. I think this was one of the best and most memorable experiences of my life. It was like God had decided to make it totally awesome just for me and it started snowing! Proper big snow flakes. I was so excited.
Look at us! We were so young!

I loved that Duffel coat. I bought it from the schools department at Harrods, and that Deisel Bag I still use on holidays.
Proper snowing now!
That evening we went to see Chigago with Dickie and Lisa.

Snow flake for a head.
A few drinks warmed us up.
Next morning was magical. I can honestly I had never been so excited.

What was grey New York yesterday became white and very still.
Ground Zero. We didnt queue up but walked the queue. Very weird, and the wanted posters still bring a tear to my eyes.

I Remember we went to a second hand shop and I bought that jacket... it was far too big for me but I loved it.

Lovely pic of Dickie

Even with her eyes closed Lisa is a stunner.
Laughing about something!
These were in the album as well... Highbury!

And Daves gorgeous cat, which then became Dickie and Lisa's.
Although I love this photo for gorgeous cat, I also love it for the things around it. We still have that chest of drawers, that Diesel container was a watch Neil surprised me with (he loved a surprise) and the metal sax is on our shelves even today... actually the Ikea light behind it is sitting right in front of me!!!!
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